Disrupting the Status Quo

We help organizations expedite their physician credentialing needs through innovative design

Expedited Credential Processing

Introducing innovative technology that lends itself to an instant multi-source data gathering process

Faster Onboarding

Delivering a reduced reliance on physician entry

Real Time Verification

Rapid communication of data between Rekruut and the hospital organization

Effective Payer Relationship

A new take on centralizing the reimbursement process

API Integration

Maintains a secure uninterrupted flow of information for recredentialing

For Organizations

Digitized credentials for streamlined hospital HR integration

About Rekruut

Meet the juxtaposition of technology and aptitude

As a new emergent to physician credentialing, Rekruut has a single mission: to forever disrupt the rudimentary processes found within physician credentialing by introducing innovative tech measures designed to streamline the credentialing process, reduce lost facility revenue, and increase the quality of patient care. Rekruut clients will depend on our innovation and effectiveness to drive a drastic reduction in the time to credential and recredential their practitioners.

The process to credential physicians places an undue financial burden on hospital organizations exceeding billions more than it should. The continuation of this unaddressed problem propels Rekruut to help hospital organizations solve unnecessary cost expenditures, limitations to lost revenue, and introduce avoidable risks.


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